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Production Manager


high school


Job Responsibilities 1. Middle-level management positions, responsible for completing the main goals and plans of the company's production department, formulating, participating in or assisting the upper management to implement relevant policies and systems; 2. Responsible for daily production management and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of subordinate employees; 3. Prepare annual production plans and production operation plans, and conduct production scheduling, management and control; 4. Responsible for organizing the formulation, modification, inspection, supervision, control and implementation of production, equipment, safety inspection, environmental protection, production statistics and other management systems; 5. Set and implement product schedules, production methods and processes; 6. Collaborate with other departments to ensure high production efficiency under certain quantity, quality, schedule and cost requirements. Qualifications 1. College degree or above, mechanical related majors are preferred; 2. More than 3 years of management experience in manufacturing enterprises. Applicants with experience in the production management of stainless steel atmospheric pressure vessels and pressure vessels are preferred; 3. Familiar with the department operations and processes of production and manufacturing, good at production control and on-site management, and proficient in all aspects of production and manufacturing; 4. Familiar with production cost control, overall operation, production workflow and process procedures, and production quality control and management; 5. Have excellent organizational, communication and planning skills.