The development of scientific instruments is a requirement of national strategic development


At present, the development of scientific instruments is already a requirement of the strategic development of various countries. Take the United States as an example. In addition to encouraging major instrument companies to increase R&D investment through policies, the country also strongly supports two foundations (NSF and NIH). At the same time, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Department of Defense also have a large amount of capital investment each year; Japan, also In 2002, a plan for the revitalization of high-precision scientific instruments was formulated; the European Union listed “scientific instruments” as the fifth key content in the “Sixth Framework Plan” (2002-2006); the Office of Science and Technology (OST) in the United Kingdom established The investment mechanism for scientific infrastructure and scientific instruments has been established and the investment ratio has been established. In terms of strategic goals and capital investment in the development of scientific instruments, developed countries have formulated their own development strategies and locked in their goals. With special investment, it has become a conscious, policy-oriented, and goal-oriented government behavior. All developed countries have elevated the research and development of advanced large-scale scientific instruments and experimental facilities, and the construction of a basic platform for experimental facilities, as a strategic measure for creating world scientific research results, cultivating and attracting talents. Today, China has included scientific instrument research and development in the "National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan Outline" (2006-2020), the National Development and Reform Commission has included the industrialization of scientific instruments in the special high-tech industrialization project, and the Ministry of Science and Technology has also included the "Science "Instrument and Equipment Research and Development" was included in the "Eleventh Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Plan as a major project; before that, there were not many instrumental projects in the 973 or 863 plan, unlike automation, machinery manufacturing, machine tools, etc. There are some large projects, the Ministry of Science and Technology did not pay enough attention to the instrument, and the management is relatively scattered; as the country gradually pays attention to scientific instruments, the Ministry of Science and Technology has begun to strongly support some key projects, such as large-scale serial mass spectrometers and secondary Ion mass spectrometer, transmission electron microscope, grating and detector, etc. Mr. Wang Daheng’s Instrumental Science Thoughts When talking about the understanding of our country’s scientific instruments, one has to talk about Mr. Wang Daheng; Mr. Wang, a strategic scientist, has been engaged in science and technology, especially optics and instrument science for 70 years, and his contribution to my country’s science and technology is Multi-faceted and strategic; Mr. Wang's series of instrumental scientific thoughts are rich in connotation and far-reaching influence. "Instruments are not machines. Instruments are tools for understanding and transforming the material world. Machines can only transform but cannot understand the material world." "Measuring technology is an important part of information technology and the source of information technology." "Instrumentation is an industry The "multiplier" of production, the "pioneer" of scientific research, the "combat power" of military and the "materialized judge" in social life", "the instrument industry is the industry that is stuck in the development of national economy and science and technology", "Instruments and meters also play an important role in promoting the construction of spiritual civilization and improving the scientific quality of the whole people." "China's science and technology must take off like a dragon. The head of this dragon is information technology, and the instruments and meters are the eyes of the dragon, which must be the finishing touch." And so on, are all the most reasonable quotes put forward by Academician Wang Daheng to emphasize the important role and status of instrumentation in today's society. The basic situation of my country's scientific instruments At present, my country's scientific instruments have a relatively complete range of varieties and a more reasonable layout. An industrial system for the instrumentation industry with a certain technological foundation and production scale has been formed. From the perspective of the technological level of products, the technological level of most domestic instruments is at the international level in the early and mid-1990s, and only a few Chinese products are close to the international level. In terms of engineering application technology, although it has been able to undertake a part of the complete set of national major engineering instrumentation system projects, the domestic instrumentation industry is still in the competition for high-tech automation instruments and systems, scientific testing instruments, sensors, components and other products. Relatively passive.