China's superhard material industry depends on innovation for development


Technological innovation, continuous improvement of production technology, and product quality have now been stabilized, replacing flake catalysts. A diamond tool factory in Guangdong produces gang saws. Through continuous technological innovation and technological progress, the quality of its products has been improved, and now it has squeezed out foreign-imported products. Innovators in the diamond industry should pay attention to the following points:

1. Innovation is not unattainable. If you are half a step ahead of others, more than half a step, it is innovation; improving the process is innovation; the automatic control in diamond synthesis is innovation; the new trend of diamond synthesis is to wrap the catalyst powder outside the carbon to synthesize diamond .

2. Innovative thinking must be placed in an important position anytime and anywhere. Don't wait for the company to encounter difficulties and desperate to think of innovation.

3. Product upgrades must be in line with international standards, and the products produced by enterprises must be recognized by the international market, so testing methods and quality standards must be improved. Hunan Fine Diamond Company has taken the lead in diamond testing, combining foreign equipment with domestic methods, and has done a good job. In the future, the brand products declared by enterprises and those that require the stamp of Hunan Super Association must pass their instrument testing. , Can only be recognized.

2. The enterprise must create a brand

An enterprise must have its own branded products, that is, high-tech products. Whether the company has competitive strength depends on the branded products. Foreign manufacturers attach importance to brands. Domestic companies have also begun to attach importance to brands. Domestic companies have also begun to pay attention to brand effects, such as Haier refrigerators, Hengyuanxiang wool, etc., and our industry also has declared brand products, such as diamonds, through our declaration, there are "Qiyi" and "Pinfeng" brands. To create a brand, we must maintain the brand. Product quality is the key, and the product must be stable to have credibility. For example, the top hammer, the "Diamond" brand top hammer of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Factory. At that time, we participated in the appraisal meeting, but after a few years Product quality has fluctuated, mainly due to the lax control of raw materials. Although it was once or twice, it affected the brand's effectiveness. Now a cemented carbide manufacturer in Foshan, Guangdong can be said to be a rising star, with stable quality and large domestic sales. The product quality and credibility of an enterprise are important. To make one's own enterprise survive and develop in an invincible position, it is necessary to rely on product quality and credibility. 3. Intensify the development of products. Superhard materials will develop to a high level in the future: large-scale presses, large-scale production, scientific process formulas, and product diversification are our development direction. We will vigorously develop diamond products, everyone knows Products are the driving force for the development of diamonds, and diamonds are the basis for the development of products. In the 1970s, the diamond grinding wheel was the representative of the development of abrasive tools, which led to the first climax of diamond production; in the 1980s, the diamond drill was the representative of the development of drilling tools, which drove the second climax of the development of diamond production; in the 1990s, due to the revival of the stone industry, diamond The development of saw blades drove the third climax of diamond production; the fourth climax of diamond development in the 20th century has not yet appeared. According to analysis, it may be that the development of diamond tools will promote the development of the industry to a deeper level. Generally speaking, the products have few varieties, low technological content, and unsightly packaging.

1. There are few varieties. There are thousands of foreign products (there are 1,500 in Russia), but there are only a few hundred in China.

2. The technology content is not high. For example, the diameter of composite sheet can be 120mm in foreign countries, but only 40mm in China. Such as drill bits: There are many common mining drill bits, most of which are drill bits made of cemented carbide materials, and some companies produce diamond drill bits, but polycrystalline, composite sheet drill bits, and thin-wall engineering drilling are done less, and these products have high technological content. , Difficulty and good operating efficiency. At present, common drill bits used in mines sell well.

3. Few tools for processing functional materials. Knives used to cut semiconductors (monocrystalline silicon) rely on imports, and 600-700 composite wafers cost tens of millions of imports every year. Most of these monocrystalline silicon production lines are produced in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The 21st century is a period of great development of my country’s superhard material industry. We must seize the opportunity to accelerate development, especially in the product sector, increase scientific and technological investment and development, and develop more good products for our country’s superhard materials. The materials industry makes a contribution.