China First Heavy Industry is expected to become the world's largest casting and forging base


It is learned from my country’s large-scale equipment manufacturing pioneer—China National Heavy Machinery Corporation (hereinafter referred to as China First Heavy Machinery) that, in order to meet domestic demand for large castings and forgings and change my country’s long-term dependence on foreign supplies in this field, China First Heavy has invested 2.3 billion. Yuan set out to build the world's casting and forging production base. China First Heavy Industries now has the ability to produce 700 tons of molten steel, one-time pouring of 500-ton-class castings, 300-ton steel ingots, and 200-ton forgings. This year is expected to achieve an annual output of 250,000 tons of molten steel, 120,000 tons of forgings, and 30,000 tons of steel castings. At present, China's large-scale casting and forging technology and production tonnage ranks second in the world. It has successively signed contracts for nearly 1,000 tons of nuclear electric pressure vessel and evaporator forgings, and the export of nuclear power forgings has completed US$20 million. Jiayizhong has established a research and development base in Tianjin and a production base in Dalian. It has scientific research, talent and equipment advantages such as the National Engineering Research Center and the First Heavy Technology Center, laying a solid foundation for building a world cast and forging steel production base. It is understood that the three major technical renovations of nuclear power, hydropower, and crankshaft currently being implemented by China First Heavy Industry are being completed one after another, and some of the equipment has been put into production. It is estimated that by 2010, China First Heavy Industry will produce 500,000 tons of molten steel, 240,000 to 250,000 tons of forgings, and 60,000 to 70,000 tons of forged steel castings. Its production capacity will reach the level of "7654". The world manufacturing goal is to provide 700 tons of molten steel, 600 tons of steel ingots, 500 tons of castings, and 400 tons of forgings at one time, so that the core casting and forging technology will not lag behind for 20 years, and fundamentally solve the needs of large-scale castings and forgings in my country's major technical equipment fields. .