Hardware industry increases talent investment, mold machinery talents are favored


Speaking of the hardware industry, many people's concepts are small scale, low quality of employees, irregular management, disorderly competition, etc. With the increasing market competition and the increasing integration of domestic and international economic elements, this situation is gradually changing. And it has gradually shown its effect. With the gradual expansion of foreign trade, competition among hardware companies has also intensified. Recently, the 2008 global iron ore price negotiations have settled, and all related industries have increased prices for a while. In addition, the tight monetary policy implemented by the country in 2008 has caused some hardware companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to face a survival crisis, technological and institutional innovations. Become an inevitable choice before them. Among them, talents become the key point of competition, and companies with high-tech talents also own the market, whether from the perspective of management, R&D, planning, or sales. Talent investment is also a key and important way of competition among the various investments of enterprises. Nowadays, there are not only many hardware companies such as Bosch and Harbin, but even ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises have realized the importance of talent investment. Senior technical personnel in the hardware industry are currently welcomed in the talent market and are in a relatively scarce state. According to a newspaper in Dongjiang City, the terms mold design engineer in the city’s talent market have become common words in recruitment. Mold and machinery industries are Concerned about the salaries and salaries are also considerable, even companies in large cities such as Shenzhen are also seeking talents. I believe this phenomenon is not a case of Dongjiang City, but a universally formed market rule. It is gratifying for hardware talents and wise for hardware companies. I believe these talents can help this part of hardware companies occupy the competition. Commanding heights. On the other hand, the national talent training mechanism also needs to keep up, vigorously develop vocational and technical training and other teachers, reduce exam-oriented education, increase employment skills training, and ensure a sufficient supply of technical talents in the hardware industry. I believe that with a sufficient supply of technical talents, coupled with the affirmation of technology in the industry, the rapid development of the hardware industry is just around the corner!